Primordial wild Medicine year Training 

The need for a deeper connection with the wisdom of plant medicine is getting larger, the ancient folktales are rising, and the wild Witch resurrect powerfully from the smoke of fiercely fires.
This training is gonna give you as a human a deeper connection and insights with the world of plants, trees, mushrooms, seaweeds, the seasonal cycle and their communications, as a lifetime experiance.
.I wil teach you the basics of medicinal plants, how to work with them during the seasons, how to harvest, how to process & how to store. Alongside folklore tales will be told and (Northern European) Shamanic rituals will be given.
.The training is very practical, it's for beginners and advanced. No certificate will be given just a lifetime experiance. Classes on Saturday and maybe Wednesday by more interests.
.Dates and ClassMaterial 2021:
¤ 13 or 17 March: Eostre introduction, plant world, ally and communication, wildcraft steps, early spring detox
¤ 10 or 14 April: FlowerFolk, Medicinal flowers, basic fermentation, inside and outside landscape
¤ 8 or 12 mei: Belteen blooming, tree folklore, harvest, processing, restoring & techniques (water, oil & alcohol)
¤ 29 of May: Goddess of the Sea, excursion to the Oosterschelde, edible and medicinal seaweeds, water transcendental travel.
¤ 28 Aug. Or 1 Sep: Lammas abundance, herbs for the skin (first aid and cosmetic) making Balm, harvest seeds and berries, heathen hedge ritual.
¤ 23 or 27 Oct: Sauwin, Mushrooms, how to recognise them, edible, poison and medicinal, the underworld, inward
¤ 27 Nov. Or 1st Dec: winter plants, strengthening your immuunsysteem, power of the dark feminine, final ritual