About Me

Welcome lovely people, i am deeply happy you found my page. I started my small business Silna_Herba s in 2017 after taking classes in herbalism, natural healing, (Northern) shamanic practices. I feel a deep love for the Earth and her habitants. Silna in Polish language means strong or powerful, therefor it really felt complete to introduce this word in my life.

I feel deeply connected with the wild Earth and her ancient wisdom, she is like a warm wise Mother, a great Teacher and a powerful Healer. I try to balance with her daily, monthly, yearly cycles and seasons, she inspires me with all her existence and life forces. The love I feel with her herbal healing medicine is wide, wild and endless. I feel its not possible to work with plants on any level without having a deep connection with Mother Earth and her wisdom. Giving blessings, rituals, prayers, magic spells is a bow to the Earth and itself, she is my biggest source of inspiration. The land tells us stories as a living entity and its constantly in a conversation to those who know how to listen to it, there are lessons in these conversations, the plants, the animals, the insects are story telling beings, their native tongue brings me messages and let me feel whole, alive and loved.. Animism, the spiritual relation to the plants, animals, waters, rocks, and ground, is to me a very realistic way of living. My task is to inspire you with this language of the Earth and form a community with those who feels the call what it means to belong.. so the circle of remembering, inspiration, connection, and love for nature with all her habitants can grow larger and larger.

From a young age of 6 I was always playing outside in the green fields, the forest area’s and during our holidays, long walks in the high mountains of the Alps. I spoke with the plants and wanted to know their names, at that time nobody could tell me who, how, what and why? Deeply I knew there was more then just these plants, more then I could see, which called spirit. From an age of 15 i saw that animals had severe feelings, it made me completely sad to see how mass production was making profit over their flesh and skin. This was a turning point for me to step away from eating meat and dairy. I became very rebellious at that time, therefor I started to speak up for the voicelessness. Money eats the world up, it created power over everything, everything is a product and this selfishness destroys and separate us as civilization. I’m telling you this because it’s reality, but this reality made me very angry and depressed for many years.

At an age of 28 another turning point of my life started, the depression was eating me up and my way of thinking and behaving had to stop. My spiritual path started when I was in this deep dark place, i went back to the depth of my soul which needed healing and guidance. One step at the time I felt the connection again with the Earth and her plants, they thought me to use their medicine and I trusted myself enough to change these patterns I have created that where making my body and soul sick. I truly believe now that i had to drag myself first through my own mud before I could start working with plant medicines and pass them on to others.

My mission is to craft medicines in many ways, from tinctures into ointments, from drinks into foods, from powders into capsules, from oils into odeurs and the list goes on.. Everything I craft is plant-based, plastic and palm oil free, because I believe this way of living is better for the environment and the collective. Mostly of what I craft and use for my healings is local as possible or foraged by myself, there is no need to search for a medicine that travelled far.

Herbalism, mycology and wildcrafting for me is a way to feel independent, it puts my mind in the present, it’s a way to feel connected with the seasons, with my surroundings, with the cycles of my own body and the body of the Earth and universe, with the spirits of the plants, trees, mushrooms, seaweeds of the great oceans, the rocks, the Sun, the Moon and the stars, with our ancestors, animals & humans. I love to absorb the knowledge that nature gives to me, I try to pass on this knowledge to the people that are asking for its medicine. Almost everything I craft is based on a ritual, because I believe the intention is truly important for a deeper personal healing, a connection to the whole and it gives everything I craft an extra dimension.

My Path

From 2004 I have worked as a volunteer and as a profession in several kitchen as a plant based chef cook, providing caterings at Counter Culture Festival, Black Earth Festival, personal catering jobs and worked in the kitchen of the ACU and other restaurants like Oproer.

From 2012 i started to work in the entertainment industry as a tent and stage builder, a theatre technician and as a truck driver transporting sound and light equipment throughout all of Europe for the biggest bands in the world. I really loved this job for many years, but i was missing the connection with Earth.

In 2014 I followed a training as a natural healer at ‘Sonnevelt’ college in Zwolle. Learning to use food as a medicine.

In this year I started to work at ‘OWC’ center in Villers de orval in Belgium. Vegan and macrobiotic way of cooking, all organic and highly seasonal. Also I participated for 9 days in a training based on Macrobiotic and Chinese medicines.

In 2015 I followed a 6 days course in herbalism at ‘Het Kruidenrijk’ in Haaren, plant medicines in Autumn

In 2016 I followed 1 year education in herbalism at ‘De Draak’ in Eenrum by Ingrid Kropf. Herbalism combined with Chinese medicines.

In 2017 I started to follow for 2 years Phytotherapy at ‘Herba Sanitas’ in Heeswijk Dinther by Gonnie van Elteren. It’s a Science based herbalism school, where I learned the fine steps of making my own herbal products and how to follow the newest research of healing plants.

In this year i participated at a Horse Energy training and Shamanic Healing training at ‘Crow Society’. Deep shamanic healing with horses, ancestors and spirits.

Since late 2018 my Silna_Herba products started to connect with people and made me grow slowly from a tiny seed into a beautiful flower

In 2019 I started to work for Yoga Place as a chef cook, in October the detox weekend and from 2020 the Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training.

In 2019 I followed a day course in seaweeds at Herbiatic. Learn what seaweeds are, the medicinal properties and how to harvest them.

In 2020 I followed the ‘The Path of the Hedgerider’ training at the talented ‘Vrouwenwijs’. Northern Shamanic, Animistic and Witchy practices and rituals.

April 2021 Mycotherapy by Zenchi: therapy with medicinal mushrooms

2021 Primordial Wild Medicine year training created by myself. 7 days a year round hands-on herbal practice with plant folklore, walks in the woods, crafting your own herbal products, medicinal uses.

The people that inspires me on my path are: Gonnie van Elteren (Herba Sanitas), , Sun Crow (Crow Society), Samiye van Rossum (Vrouwenwijs), Linda Wormhoudt (Seidr), Corinne Boyer (Under the Witching tree and Plantsof the Devil), Amber Magnolia Hill (Mythic Medicine and Medicine Stories podcast), Christian Ratch (Witchcraft Medicine and more), Robert Rogers (Fungal Pharmacy and Mushroom Essence), Sajah Popham (Evolutionary Herbalism) & Stephen Harrod Buhner (The Lost Language of Plants and more..)

Much Wild Love

Sil Beterams