Amanita muscaria

When the forest turns into a colourful being, and the sign of stillness arrived, I see and feel your presence coming alive in a realm of magic, connection and cycle of life and death..

You have been here a billions of years, giving and breaking down life..
Some feed on dead plant or animal material giving food to other organisms
Some feed on their host till the end but give food and medicine to people..

But you.. as the most unruly, funniest, shamanic vision keeper, you live in symbiosis with the root tips of tree's..
through your ancient widespread mycelium webs, you sustain life for the health of all, in transporting minerals from a stone to the roots and protect these roots against harmful organism.. in return you receive nutrients in glucose from the tree..

Ancient reciprocal wisdom keeper.. I have been working with your gifts for more then a year now and truly believe that you're a part of an ancestral lineage..
You brought vivid dreams to me which made me fly..
You made me connect deeper with my shadows, piercing through skin and bone deep down to my soul, bringing unseen answers to the surface..
You have given clear visions & wisdom to many more..

I have been waiting for a year now and I'm looking forward to new magical feral adventures with you, sending much love and connection in return