Catering on Special Occasions

My Path of becomming and being a plantbased chefcook goes way back before veganism became mainstream. Cooking vegan food was a form of activism that now has been transfromed into a way of living. My goal is to let people  connect with (local) food and healthcare  that has been blend in herbs, flowers, mushrooms and seaweeds that are benificial to sustain the environment on so many levels.

You can book me for catering jobs from 10 till 50 people. Birthdays, funerals, company events, concerts, outdoor catering (open fire cooking) or you can book me to work on site for groups like yoga, witches meeting, tantra, shamanism, meditation, and so on. Prices are negotiable.

This pie you see on the picture has been made for my dearest and beloved friend that has been passed away in May 2021. It's a double layered Chocolate pie, with a filling  made from Japanese Weedknot (cell renewal) and Dandelion Flowers (liver stimulance), the topping is almond milk with coconut oil, vanille sugar, roasted almonds topped with sugared Magnolia (heart opening), Sweet Woodruff (dreaming) and Lilac (love)
The Rune Yggrdrasil (tree of life) is connected with the 3 Norns, who are the weavers of faith.

I deeply miss you Cathrien Hermans 12/02/1982 - 09/05/2021

Winter oyster Mushroom Crumble

I'm thankfull for this lunch with wildcrafted specialities.. I have battered the winter Oyster mushrooms in spelt flower and breadcrumbs with Nettle seeds.
A Cranberry/Turmeric/Black Pepper sauce has been made with Parsnip, Carrot and Yellow beets from the oven and wildcrafted mountain Thyme / Juniper berries zest
Topped with Chickweed, BitterCress and Winter Purslane

Wildherbs Oat Cookies

Spruce tree, keeper of time and of roads underground, holder of dreams and dark mysterious forces during winter divination and as a evergreen you're connected to the death and immortality.. I spoke with your spirit yesterday night while I was harvesting your juicy Spruce buds which contains a high amount of vitamine C who will treat sore throats and colds..
.Sweet Woodruff you lay a blanket over me before i go to dreamland, even to use you in bed, your sweet hay scent brings me in a gentle sleep state and protect me from having sleep paralyzes. You communicate through motions rather then words and hide yourself in the shadows..
.Dandelion when I eat you, your spirit stays with me till I piss, you powerful diuretic plant.. I take in all of you, well rooted Earth keeper, purifier of the whole, healer of infections, liver, kidneys and intestines.. Sunna loves you..
.Purple Dead Nettle all that softness and beauty that you give, your leaves are soft and your spirit is gentle.. the dark colours brings enlightment to people's life.. eating you is a gift because of your sweet taste and anti bacterial and inflammatory properties..
.Forget Me Not I give you to the love of my life.. I give you to my best friend her spirit to stay connected, to not forget eachother, to be present everyday and not to forget how beautiful our friendship was ..
.Vegan Oat Cookies made with Spruce, Sweet Woodruff, Dandelion, Purple Dead Nettle, Forget Me Not, pine buds, Lemon zest, Raisins, agave syrup, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nettle Seeds and Coconut oil

Elder Choco Cupcake with Calendula

Eldertree is a kind of gateway to the realm of the otherworld, she is traditionally associated with Frau Holle.. Holda.. Hella..
She who nourish the souls who has passed in a natural death, she protect them, perform sacred death rituals and take them through the hollow trunk to her Hal of the underworld..

Elder is of a dual nature, like the Goddes of life and death
Elderflower.. Elderberry.. Tree of Light.. Tree of Dark.. White Maiden.. Black Grandmother.. Holle is my land.. your smell during Midsummer is of fruity sweet, you're berries during Samhain are astringent sweet..
You protect the living from lighting and spinned clouds during winter times.

A magical Choco cupcake with HazelnutsWildcrafted Calendula and Elderberry sauce with Lemon zest.

Wildcrafted Mushroom Ferment

Foraging for me is a way to feel independent and connect myself with the seasons.. yet, we must make sure that our picking of wild plants or mushrooms is done carefully, for the environmental health and integrity in mind & spirit..

It connects me with nature on a deeper level and the sacred link is that, as folk, we all share..
We are here because our ancestors had a very intimate relationship with the land, they new exactly which plant or mushrooms to use for food or medicine, yet how to sustain the connection and interaction with their wild environment..

I've harvest Amethyst Mushroom, Porcini and Giant Polypore, to preserve them for the colder months to come.. some I dried, but these here on the picture are pickled.

Left is a jar with Amethyst Mushrooms with Sage, Tarragon, Pine, Thyme, salt and my home made Blueberry vinegar

Right jar is porcini with Giant Polypore with Mugwort, Thyme, Ginger, Juniper Berries, salt and home made Elderflower vinegar