The Hermit Odeur


The Hermit is a person grows within and time by time he or she steps away from society, to live in solitude. They can really prioritise those inner journeys and diving within to get the inner knowledge and wisdom.

.This is someone who walks through darkness, instead of walking away from the darkness. The light representing the light of what is learned from exploring in that darkness, the inside, the magic, the reward, utterly shining the light on. These are personalities that really come to know themselves, which is a symbol of inner richness.
.If you feel like to divinate, meditate or go into trance with The Hermit Archetype to get answers & wisdom from your inner realms, my new Odeur batch might guide you to these dark places.
Or if you just wanna use the Odeur daily just to feel the Hermit spirit guiding you through daily life, the Odeur is safe to use on your skin or on your clothes
.The Odeur is great for men and woman to use
And the scent is Woody ~ Citrus with tones of Cedar ~ Bergamot ~ Palo Santo