Hypericum Body Oil


St. John's Wort is native to Europe.. this powerful plant-kin has been associated with Holiness and during the Summer Solstice rituals, folks would gather around the fire to dance and to burn specific herbs to ward off negative spirits that could cause harm..
.In Germanic Mythology it has been told that the red sap of the Sint Johns Wort Herb appeared to be the blood of Baldr, the God of nature, Summer and Light.. the plant has affinity for the Rune Sowulo and the element fire .. Hypericum connects you with a high solar energy that let you remember how important your Heart Chakra is, your Heart sometimes requires protection, which I believe Sint Johns Wort (oil) could help to regain it..
.This Kin is a healer internally and externally of wounds and nerves and brings balance or rest into the body.. Back pain, menstruation pain, nervousity, anxiety, inflammation, tension, fibromyalgia,digestion problems, depression, heart pain and winter coldness Hypericum could help, as a tea or tincture internally, but not in combination with anti-depressive medications.. for topical use the oil , but not during a sunny afternoon because of oversensitive reaction to sunlight, it may cause sunburn!
.The oil is made from the flowers I have harvest in the Alps of Switserland, which means it's of high quality..
Oil can be ordered with a mixture of
* Juniper e.o. which brings you into a deeper connection with the spirit world
* Lavender which brings more rest to the body
* Rosemary which helps with sore muscles and heats up the body.